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The first P – product – now translates into customer value. This means you should recast your company, from an organization that produces goods to one that produces customer relationships. Products come and go, but loyal customers stick around. That’s how companies like Apple can have people queuing outside for products that haven’t released yet. Customers are loyal to Apple because the company offers tremendous customer value in the form of proven quality, great service, and a range of other perks.

The second P – price – is now cost. Why? Because from the point of view of the customer, price is not the only cost. There’s also the cost of effort and time that’s involved in acquiring, setting up, using, storing, and disposing of a product. It’s possible for a higher-priced product to remain competitive if you can find other ways to reduce customer cost by, say, providing free installation, training, or disposal.

Next, we have the third P – place – which should now be thought of as convenience. When you’re deciding on distribution methods, you should aim at making your product as easy as possible for the customer to purchase and acquire.

The final P – promotion – has become communication, which is about ensuring that the relevant information reaches the right consumers. On one hand, this means selecting channels of communication that are populated by your target market. On the other hand, it means the content of your promotional efforts should focus on how your product will fulfill your customers’ needs.

How can we help you?

Our company works with Business-to-Business sales organizations with 5-20 in-house sales reps. We share and utilize our proven internet marketing systems (combined with traditional marketing techniques) to build stronger relationships between your current, past, and prospect customers.

What makes us unique is how we leverage content creation and content distribution through your sales team to position them as thought leaders and industry experts. This fosters frequent communication with clients that helps to generate new and increased sales.


We help you optimize your website to create better engagement form your perfect clients.

Content Creation

We create content in your voice, but also in a way that speaks your your audience in their preferred medium.

Lead Capture

Integration with online forms to your sales team and CRM is the secret to generating better sales relationships.


Articles that create thought leadership while answering the top questions of your clients.

Ebooks Creation

This combines blogs into a downloadable resource that creates lead capture gold.


Either short-form or long-form, video creates more engagement on your website.

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Full Service Solutions Without the Agency Agreements or Pricing

Our US based team are all experts with years of experience. The difference is you only pay for what they deliver, lowering your overall project costs, while increasing quality and effectiveness.

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